start your profitable business in USA & receive your business visa!
mira sariyeva
Founder of TealBridge Consulting LLC, business organization consultant in the USA
Certified business consultant
Reside and manage my own businesses in the US
20 years of international experience
your profitable business is our priority
We focus on creating profitable business whereas getting a business visa is a secondary process.
We precisely know HOW to create profitable business in the US with regard to differences among states, niches, budget and other constraints.
Obtaining a business visa requires help of a business consultant in the first place, and only as a result, it requires the consultation of lawyer. We have all the resources for you to open a business. Our approval rates for acquiring a business visa are the highest in the market.
we create opportunities for your business in the us
Selection and purchase of appropriate business
Market analysis, selection of 3-4 options of business typess, all way support of the business purchase process.
preparation of business for immigration purposes
Business plan creation, recommendations on correcting the key indicators.
acquiring of business visa
Collection and preparation of documents, legal support, preparation for interviews at the consulate.
Assistance in business development, finding business partners, marketing, accounting and other experts.
Visa extension after 2 years
Business auditing 6 months before the visa expiration date, supervision of business process optimization, preparation of documents, legal support.
Business launch and adaptation
Audit, optimization recomendations, help in registering, acquiring licenses, transfer of managment to the client.
key facts
20 years – experience in international projects, banking and consulting
More than 80 completed projects in such areas as cryptocurrency mining, logistics and transportation, house cleaning, construction and repairs, catering, service and online sales.
$15 million of foreign investment attracted to the USA
Active entrepreneur - opened 4 businesses in the USA, one of which was sold
3 projects under management – consulting, countertop sales and cleaning
97% approval rates of E-2 & L-1 visas
Personal experience of doing business in the USA
Studied in San Francisco, worked in Chicago and New York. Currently I live in Dallas and am developing my own businesses in real sectors: the production of stone countertops under the Granite Master brand and the cleaning business under the Superb Maids franchise in Dallas.

A business manufacturing and selling countertops was opened just in time to obtain an E2 visa for my sister. Since May 2022, we have been working on this project together.

From personal experience, I know all the nuances of starting a business in the USA, hiring employees, conducting marketing and sales, developing networking with local businesses for collaborations. Over the years, my team and I have created a network of trusted partners and vendors with whom our clients now cooperate.

My goal is to use my knowledge and experience to help you achieve success in the American business space.
20 years of experience in international projects, banking and consulting
knowledge gained at the prestigious American business school HULT
experience of living and running your own business in the US
what do you need to move and open business in the USA?
your desire to do business and live in a legal country with a strong economy
your desire to gain international experience and a solid source of dollar income in the No. 1 market
your willingness to invest from $100,000 and move to a new level of doing business.
We will help you build the necessary infrastructure for your business and correctly enter the US market in order to successfully earn and develop on it in the future.
successful cases
consultations and other services
The TealBridge Consulting LLC team has a tax specialist, an immigration lawyer and other experts who you can turn to for help in any matter:
US business consulting
consultation with an immigration lawyer
consultation with an accountant and tax specialist
registering a company and obtaining EIN
development of a business plan for immigration purposes (E-2, L-1, O-1, EB-1, EB-2 NIW)
opening a business bank account
50% of successful interview in the us embassy depends on preparation. our clients get prepared by ex-consular officer which raises your chances to the highest level.
Launch your business in the US with experts – only by working with professionals you acquire high stakes of approval of your business visa.
Take the first step towards your dream right now!
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