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Why enter
the American market?

Culture of Entrepreneurship
Potential for Business Expansion
Legal and political stability
Progressing to the Next Stage of Self-Development
Flexible labor market
With its extensive population and substantial consumption rates, the United States stands out as one of the world's largest markets for goods and services. In the realm of consumption, the USA outpaces both China and India, accounting for a significant portion of the global consumer market. Embrace the opportunity, and you'll tap into the foremost consumer market in the world.
The United States is renowned for its encouragement of entrepreneurship, innovation, and the advancement of cutting-edge technologies. A multitude of incubators, accelerators, and financial resources are at the disposal of startups. Additionally, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is a dedicated agency in the United States focused on providing support and fostering the growth of small businesses.
The size of the market plays a crucial role in enabling business growth. Additionally, easy access to affordable financial resources not only supports this growth but also encourages the potential for scaling up and expanding into adjacent markets, including Latin America and Canada.
In the USA, the presence of the rule of law and political stability contributes to safeguarding property rights and investments. Fundamental principles such as the protection of human dignity, freedom, and human rights are upheld here.
In general, relocating to a different country represents an opportunity to acquire skills and reap benefits that can significantly enhance one's quality of life. For entrepreneurs, it's also a path of personal growth within the business realm.
In the United States, there exists a flexible system for both hiring and terminating employees, accompanied by a diverse pool of skilled professionals to choose from.
Huge market
How to Get an Investor Visa?
Conduct a Market Analysis
a Business Idea

Register a company/ Buy a business

Set up a bank account
a Business plan
Launch the business
Finalize a set of document package
Apply for a visa

Get you visa approved
Our Services
Market Analysis
We will evaluate the feasibility of the business concept and its alignment with visa criteria (E-2 or L-1), perform a market analysis, and examine competitors.
Company Registration
We will choose the suitable organizational structure and complete the company registration process in any state. Additionally, we will create a comprehensive set of corporate documents.
Bank Account
We will remotely open a business account with a prominent American bank, eliminating the need for your physical presence.
Business Plan
We will develop a comprehensive business plan for your project in English, including financial calculations, tailored to fulfill the investor visa requirements.
We will provide guidance throughout every phase of establishing your business, starting from the initial concept and leading you toward your objectives.
Visa Support
We highly recommend that you enlist the expertise of an experienced immigration attorney to prepare your documents for submission to the consulate, ensuring all details are properly addressed.
We view the client's assignment as a project with the ultimate goal of generating profit. We offer support in establishing the complete business infrastructure, ranging from company registration and identifying business partners to launching and marketing the business.
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Business Organization Consultant in the USA: With two decades of international project, banking, and consulting experience under my belt, I specialize in establishing the essential infrastructure for a successful business launch in the United States. Holding an MBA from the renowned American business school HULT and boasting firsthand familiarity with various facets of American life, I pursued my studies in San Francisco, worked in Chicago and New York, and now call Dallas my home. My distinctive expertise is rooted in practical experience, as I actively manage my own businesses – a stone countertop production and the Superb Maids Dallas-based franchise cleaning business. My ultimate objective is to guide you towards achieving success and operational excellence within the American business landscape.
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«Мира - профессионал своего дела, она помогла нам полностью с документацией, разработала бизнес план, рассказала ньюансы. Без английского языка открывать бизнес в Америке было страшно, я не понимала как и что делать. Хорошо, когда есть соотечественники, которые на нашем языке и доступно разъясняют все моменты.»
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